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Web Design

We preach highly consultative design process to deeply understand the message you want to convey. Once it's done we start the creative machine engine.
You know your audience, we know how to create design that benefits, why not join these skills and make out something beautiful? Let’s attract more visitors to your site and impress them!

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Web Development

We do not just create design or layout of pages. Taking into account all your wishes, the site can be developed further and also the necessary updates can be made. We love hot-eyed and ambitious clients, got an awesome idea? Let’s talk about it!

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3 Facts About Us

It’s trite but we prefer to talk like human beings, let us talk a bit and show a lot.
3 Facts about us you need to know

1. We turn you dreams into a site which turns profits for you. Sorry, we won’t leave you until you’re totally satisfied.

2. We are very empathic, don’t expect we just develop your perfect website and that’s it. We love giving goodies.

3. We respect our competitors. Because we have confidence in our professionalism.

Our Story

Our Partners

Social networking is a specific field of development and if you are about to create such kind of a site, it’s better to work with developers who know their onions. This team has a huge experience with SocialEngine and as a bonus they are super easy to communicate with.

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Never thought an agency can understand the point of somebody else’s site and help filling it with content! That’ s load off! Thank you TaurusSoft, we now have more time to work on other things and creative ideas. Surely will cooperate again. Thank you!


TaurusSoft you rock. The layout looks great. Fast and professional!

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Development Process

Our company offers services on developing software of your website. Creating a website is a very labor-intensive and complicated process, which consists of multiple stages.
So what includes the process of website development?

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For us it is important not only to make a reality of your wishes by creating the desired site, but also to continue helping you in future. Upon completion of our work we usually advise the client in detail, telling about all the subtleties of working with the finished site and answering possible emerging questions.

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