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Development of the site based on WordPress CMS
I just wanna say THANK YOU. You guys one of those tellin truth on site. Youreally did make my dream come true. There are still a lot of work to do, but I already think this is something awesome we are creating together!! Thank you!

Great communication! Use their ongoing support services, good job

TaurusSoft you rock. The layout looks great. Fast and professional!

Layout and custom design integration with WordPress
Guys perfectly coped with the task. And despite the fact that it was a difficult project, because there was no technical specifications, with many corrections and modifications, everything was done flawlessly and quietly. I'm planning to cooperate further and I recommend the company to others.

Modification of the site based on WordPress CMS
The project is successfully completed, you can feel the professional approach. I recommend the team to everyone for cooperation!

Development of the site based on WordPress CMS
I'm one hundred percent pleased with the result. The team EXACTLY kept within the target date. In short, they created the layout and integrated it with the CMS for two full-time days. I plan to continue further cooperation.