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Wordpress development
I’m so happy with my little site! When we run it a bit gonna work with these guys again yea! A very satisfied customer!!!

Content design
Never thought an agency can understand the point of somebody else’s site and help filling it with content! That’ s load off! Thank you TaurusSoft, we now have more time to work on other things and creative ideas. Surely will cooperate again. Thank you!

Web development and support
I like them because they can make it right, both pricing and work. Had some misunderstandings during the dev process, but that I suppose a regular thing. Super stickler for detail though it pays off. Recommended.

Customization for WP
I had a simple WP site and wanted to fill it with goodies, add some modules so on. Thank you guys for the development and communication, hope to work together again, proly on redesign, too!!!

Layout fixes
Long story short I turned to one “developer” to write some layout and the result was terrifying. A friend of mine told me about TaurusSoft and I asked if they can do anything about it. They did not only fixed the layout but also gave me a list of useful resources I could use in my work. That was a nice bonus to a brilliant work, since I just gave a passing mention about it at the very beginning of our cooperation!!! I love this combination of a personal approach and high quality results. I wish I wasn’t such a cheapskate the day I turned to that “developer”;)) well eventually we worked it out and thanks so much for that!

Development process and support feedback
I did work with LOTS of programmers, and was convinced the result (flawless coding) is the most imprtant. Never thought I’d say this but the result is very much depended on communication. After working with these guys I can say good communication moves the process much faster without hurting the work. It tells a lot, that’s what professional approach feels like. I recommend Taurus Soft!

Design for site
We work with TaurusSoft for 2 years already. One day I’ve asked them about banners we were needed for an article and was quite surprised by their approach. They started asking about our site, our clients, message we share and so on. I was like man I just need a banner. But later realized how professional that approach was! Today we don’t even talk a lot about the topics we want to visualize, sometimes it seems like they are a part of my own team! Images are beautiful, meaningful and which is so important they SELL! We r thining about redesign of our site, and I know that when time comes we’ll contact this team, because even the banners they’ve created were developing with time and corresponding modern trends. Appreciate your work guys!!

Optimization of Magento site
TS are wizards, I don’t know how but they managed not only speed up my site but also make visitors spend more time on it! I’ve noticed it after all fixes and decided to try their support service, when something blocks work of m site I just ask a support agent and they give me a clear instruction on how I should proceed. There’s only one thing I regret, it’s time, I wish I would turn to TS earlier, so I can see how many time I wasted!! Now I’m focused on content and communication with customers and get more items purchased! AWESOME totally recommended!