Also it is necessary in order to check whether the site corresponds to all necessary parameters, which have been agreed with the customer beforehand, whether it is functioning well, whether it has errors or not.
We test whether the site is able to cope with all possible load and how easy it is to manage.
The main types of testing that we can apply to the site:
- Testing the usability of the site. We need to check whether it will be convenient to use it in the future. Therefore, we test both the quality of performance and the usability of the user interface. At the same time we search for errors in the site structure. We also check whether the information on the site is perceived well by visitors, whether it is not overloaded with information, and how convenient the site search is. All important information on the site should be easily accessible for visitors.
- Testing of stability. We need to test how well the website can cope with maximum load. For that our program simulates a site session by several thousand visitors at the same time.
- Testing the correctness of the HTML code on the whole site. We will check if there are any errors in the code.
- Security testing. We will check the level of information security, as well as the stability of the site.
Thus, during testing the site we will check all its functionality and eliminate the occurred errors.