Layout process includes creation of code for a page using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), page design using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
We offer services of professional layout designers, which include:
HTML 4/5 + CSS 2/3
Tableless (div) layout is one of the ways to mark up the site, which is more convenient than table layout. This method provides more facilities, the code turns out more compact and the speed of loading the pages is faster than while using table layout.
Fluid (elastic) layout is convenient because there is no distortion in the design of your website, if a visitor comes to your site from the monitor of another resolution. This is the most preferable method of layout.
Adaptive layout takes into account all possible wishes of the client. Content and structure of the site changes dynamically for users' computers without losing visual qualities.
HTML email coding will become one of the most effective methods to attract new visitors to your site. And we will help to develop the design.
Validation is checking your web-page for accordance with all standards and detection of errors. We don't just create beautiful and successful design for you, we also make it safe, carefully checking every page before putting it into action.