Along with your ideas we can work out the following details:
Banners - this is what in the end will become your "face". Banners should always look attractive so that visitors would love to visit your site.
Logos - that will become your business card. By a unique logo your site will be recognized all over the Internet.
Icons - at first glance it may seem that icons are less important for websites than logos.However, icon is what will make your site stand out among many others. If visitors of your site add it to the "Bookmarks", due to the unique icon your site will always be in the open.
User Interface (UI) - this is what users pay attention to. User-friendly interface will not only make site navigation easier, but will also leave a positive impression of it.
Redesign means just changes in the existing design. It will be advantageous for you, if you want to change or add anything to already existing design.