Our team can do design of the websites from scratch as well as partial redesign. We create unique design according to your tastes and wishes.

Website Design
Along with your ideas we can work out the following details:
Banners - this is what in the end will become your "face". Banners should always look attractive so that visitors would love to visit your site.
Logos - that will become your business card. By a unique logo your site will be recognized all over the Internet.
Icons - at first glance it may seem that icons are less important for websites than logos.However, icon is what will make your site stand out among many others. If visitors of your site add it to the "Bookmarks", due to the unique icon your site will always be in the open.
User Interface (UI) - this is what users pay attention to. User-friendly interface will not only make site navigation easier, but will also leave a positive impression of it.
Redesign means just changes in the existing design. It will be advantageous for you, if you want to change or add anything to already existing design.
Website Layout

What is layout and what is it used for? Layout is a complex process, during which a web-page is developed by already finished mockup.

Website Layout
Layout process includes creation of code for a page using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), page design using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
We offer services of professional layout designers, which include:
HTML 4/5 + CSS 2/3
Tableless (div) layout is one of the ways to mark up the site, which is more convenient than table layout. This method provides more facilities, the code turns out more compact and the speed of loading the pages is faster than while using table layout.
Fluid (elastic) layout is convenient because there is no distortion in the design of your website, if a visitor comes to your site from the monitor of another resolution. This is the most preferable method of layout.
Adaptive layout takes into account all possible wishes of the client. Content and structure of the site changes dynamically for users' computers without losing visual qualities.
HTML email coding will become one of the most effective methods to attract new visitors to your site. And we will help to develop the design.
Validation is checking your web-page for accordance with all standards and detection of errors. We don't just create beautiful and successful design for you, we also make it safe, carefully checking every page before putting it into action.

We offer our customers complete development of the site. It includes not only design but also layout and programming.

Site Programming
Site programming includes several functions - layout of pages and further integration of pages into the control system.
We use several web-based technologies in the process of site programming, which eventually will give a single holistic product.
During programming of websites we use only the most modern tools for programming modules such as:
- PHP (Zend Framework, CodeIgniter),
- MySQL (database management system)
- JavaScript (Ajax, jQuery, Mootools).

We can not pass the site to our client until we carry out a number of tests. Why do we need to test the site? It is necessary for quality and quick work of the site.

Website Testing
Also it is necessary in order to check whether the site corresponds to all necessary parameters, which have been agreed with the customer beforehand, whether it is functioning well, whether it has errors or not.
We test whether the site is able to cope with all possible load and how easy it is to manage.
The main types of testing that we can apply to the site:
- Testing the usability of the site. We need to check whether it will be convenient to use it in the future. Therefore, we test both the quality of performance and the usability of the user interface. At the same time we search for errors in the site structure. We also check whether the information on the site is perceived well by visitors, whether it is not overloaded with information, and how convenient the site search is. All important information on the site should be easily accessible for visitors.
- Testing of stability. We need to test how well the website can cope with maximum load. For that our program simulates a site session by several thousand visitors at the same time.
- Testing the correctness of the HTML code on the whole site. We will check if there are any errors in the code.
- Security testing. We will check the level of information security, as well as the stability of the site.
Thus, during testing the site we will check all its functionality and eliminate the occurred errors.

Once the site is created, we can offer you its support. No site can function like a charm without ongoing support.

Website Support
A good, frequently visited site needs to be permanently monitored. It needs a relevant content updates as well as a technical control.

In addition, the site should be protected from various attacks of hackers all the time.

We offer a full technical support of your site, which will include:

- Creation of design content for your site,
- Temporary update,
- Bug fixes,
- Constant protection of the site,
- Other ongoing support services.
Remember, working with one team of professional is much more convenient, efficient and profitable than to work with different people to perform all necessary actions for the successful functioning of the site.

We offer our clients services of support and speeding up the sites. Speeding up your site is crucial for promotion of the website in search engines.

Site Optimization and Speeding Up
It takes some time to index and load your website for search engines. If it is slow, then the search engine can load only a part of it.

Have you ever wondered why some sites appear in the top of search results and some you don't even click on? Well that's simple. Search engines most often prefer to display fast loading sites in the first place.

In addition, if your site loads too long, not all visitors will be patient enough to wait for a complete loading.

How will we speed up your site?

- Well-written code. We will help with optimization of the code, normalize the site layout, bring it to the required standards. Search engines will index such site better.

- High-speed hosting and modern equipment.

- Proven website optimization techniques.