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What includes the process of website development?
- The stage of analysis. This is the first stage, in which we examine and stipulate all the customer's requirements to the project, discuss the desired results and ways to achieve them. It is at the stage of data analysis where we decide on the main goals and objectives, make up an approximate estimate and determine the duration of work on the site.
- The stage of designing. We work to create the finished model of the system, select the platform, interface, develop functional specification of the software.
- The stage of implementation. At this stage we build prototypes of the system, and also already working version of the product appears.
- The stage of testing. At this stage we thoroughly test the entire system, introducing special mechanisms for testing, and also eliminate all possible errors, if any appear.
- The stage of support and implementation. It is the final stage of the work. We install the system, prepare the site for exploitation, teach users subtleties of working with the system.