Our Story

Back in 2012 one really ambitious and talented developer decided to dedicate his life to making people happy. He gave some thought to this matter and realized that better doing so by producing something your really crazy about and good in. And so it turned out to be web development.

It took some time to gain people’s trust (oh these restless nights and days), then it took some time to find like-minded fellows to cope with a growing amount of projects (here come doubts, disputes and all of a sudden wins and proud and joy for being a solid team), and it took some time to became real professionals (confidence, maturity, growth).

Today TaurusSoft is a Ukraine-based studio specializing in web development and design. We are expanding, constantly upgrading our skills and accept challenges. We know the value of time and believe that small efforts lead to big improvements. We have taken not the easiest path and nailed it. These days delivering outstanding results and making people’s dreams come true, I can confidently say it was not in vain.

So when the project is completed and you let us know you received just what you wanted, it seems like we do more than a job, and you know what, it seems like the right thing to do.